Enable your blog comments already!

May 21, 2013 business
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Sorry for the mini-rant here…

I’ve ran into a couple websites lately now that have disabled their comments sections. They were technical articles - and I had feedback or questions. I wanted to comment and join a conversation. One had said they just don’t accept comments anymore. Others had said that they prefer the conversation goes to twitter.

That twitter thing really irritated me. If I have more than 140 characters to say about your multi-page blog post, what do I do? Do I use the twitter plugin to make a longer status? What if I had a code correction? Do I now have to go out and use pastebin or gist and then put that in my link? What if I want to explain to you what that gist is? Well I have 140 characters minus the length of the shortened URL to do that. GRRR. At the very least, then shouldn’t articles at least have hashtags or something? So you can embed the conversation?

So, enable your blog comments. Let people give you suggestions. Oh - and my favorite excuse: too much spam? RIGHT. Now you’re just being silly. Chances are you don’t get too much spam - you just had two or three that hit ‘pending’ - and you had to go in and delete them. Whatever. Deal with it. What that says to me is that the quick amount of time you have to spend deleting a spam is much more important than anything I have to say to you, as one of your fans and readers? Not very good…

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