Web Developers: Invest the time to create your page!

Jul 31, 2012 business misc-web
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I’ve heard the argument so many times: “I’m just too busy to do my own website” This usually is followed by pleading statements leading to the fact that no one is paying them to do their own website - like their current workload is paying them.


And here’s why… Let’s say you’re working at a fast food restaurant making $1 more than minimum wage. The company will allow you to work as much extra as you want - so maybe you’re working 60 or 70 hours. You’re making “decent” money, but you’re too busy to go back to college. You’ve heard that if you get a college degree, you could enter the business world, and make 2,3, even 5 times more money than you are now. But you’re just … too busy.

That’s the same way I feel about web developers who don’t take the time to make their own website and portfolio.

If you’ve followed me so far, you know I value striving to always be better - and isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? Well it’s time to show people!

Let me break it down for you:

Excuse: I’ve got more than enough work from word of mouth.

Reply: Will you always? What if the 2 or 3 people who are feeding you work found someone who will send them referral checks/bonuses? What if that source dries up - will you always have “more than enough” work from word of mouth?

Excuse: I’m just too busy to work on my own website.

Reply: First of all, this isn’t a gig for a customer. It doesn’t have a due date. JUST START IT NOW - it doesn’t have to be done in a week. Second, if you start to understand the value of this tool, I guarantee you you’ll find the time for it. Watching “Burn Notice” tonight? Don’t - start on your website - and watch it later on Hulu.

Excuse: No one is paying me for my own websites - but my clients pay me for that work.

Reply: Let me point back to the fast food restaurant. The website is an investment (like college or tech school?). Want to make more, make your website.

Excuse: Everyone in my area knows I’m “this good” so I don’t have to go and brag.

Reply: The internet is global. How will I know you’re that good? I don’t live in your community? What about other potential employers, publishers, etc?

Excuse: I don’t care.

Reply: Well then I really can’t help you! :)

Seriously though - do it.

It’s time. Take the time to create your website to feature yourself. It’s well worth it. Fire up your blog and share. (Side note: don’t tell me, if you’re a PHP programmer or something similar, that you didn’t learn from other people’s blogs…. pay it forward!)

Proud of your work? You can always comment on my website and post a link - I’d love to check out what you’re doing.

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