Book Review: PHP Frameworks and Applications

Jul 24, 2012 php programming
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I just finished glancing over Real-World Solutions for Developing High-Quality PHP Frameworks and Applications. I gotta say it…


This is the book I wish I had years ago. This is the book I wish I had written. Go buy this book.

But let me break it down why I like it…

  • It covers foundations of quality software and testing

  • It talks about best practices using companies YOU know

  • It talks about testing things that we don’t normally think through: front end, user acceptance, service layer API, and more

  • It has a lot of real-world thoughts

It basically went through a lot of the things that a mid level PHP programmer needs to learn. From proper architecture, testing, planning, and even talk about the risks of Technical Debt, this book had it all. I think it’s a great addition to anyone’s bookshelf.

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