Send email from server to gmail using postfix

Oct 7, 2009 email linux
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The other day I ran into this problem where postfix insisted on delivering mail… as it was supposed to do! As it was configured! But this isn’t what I wanted. Let me explain what was happening:

I have a machine called It’s in the network. The mx record for points to gmail apps. When ws1 tried to send out mail to [email protected], it would deliver it to the local email box. This is not what I wanted - I wanted it to leave the machine and go to the gmail box. Everywhere else worked fine.

After some mistakes, I finally realized where the culprit lived…

In, the following variable was set:

mydomain =

This was as it was supposed to be. But, later on in the file, the following line existed:

mydestination = $mydomain, localhost.$mydomain, localhost

This was what was causing the local mail to be delivered locally. I removed the variables like such:

mydestination =

And now everything works. Yay.

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