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Jan 17, 2009 php
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While listening to someone complain through twitter about their MySQL conf file, I came up with a cool idea: what if I created a PHP.ini creator that would suggest changes to your php.ini file as well as generate an updated version?

Enter PHPIniCreator

As with most of my software, this is just a rough version to get the idea down on paper. I plan to update this as well as give a working example sometime in the future.


  • Parses a pasted php.ini file and generates a comparison table

  • Allows you to change values on specific elements

  • Generates a php.ini file to replace your existing one

As always, my todo list is great on this project:

  • Add the entire php.ini database. Right now, there are only like 5 verified entries.

  • Test for the input type of free form fields - don’t allow strings if they’re integer types, etc,

  • Add client side JS to make the choosing of fields easier as well as accepting defaults

  • Support different versions of PHP and their defaults

  • Allow you to change values of php ini content that doesn’t exist in your version (currently, if you don’t have an entry for it, I force you to take mine)

  • Documentation!

Yeh - it’s like that…

So without further ramblings, here is the file:

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