IE JS Error: Expected identifier, string or number

Apr 30, 2009 javascript
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I just ran into this a bunch - works fine in FireFox … of course.

Well apparently, Internet Explorer won’t allow you to have a trailing comma in a array or object definition. Let me show you:

  options: {1,2,3},
  others: {1,2,3},

The trailing comma after the other’s line is making IE expect another identifier. So, just strip it out so that line is now:

others: {1,2,3}

And you should be golden!

Now, if only IE told me what line the error was on ;)

(For those who need a tip, I loaded up the site in firefox with jsview extension - and went to view all js. Then do ctrl-L to jump to a line - and type in the line number that IE mentions… see if there is something around there that looks like this scenario)

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