Which Conference Should I go to - Help me in 2008

Apr 1, 2008 programming
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So, luckily, my current employer will pay and make arrangements for me to attend one major conference each year. Last year I attended Mysqlconf, the year before, Zend Con.

Which should I go to this year? Here are the things to consider:

  • I don’t have a US passport - so it has to be in the US - Unless there is enough lead time to get a passport (how much time does that take anymore these days? Do I need to wear the mark of the beast now? squints at Real-ID)

  • It has to be something web related (yah very clear Aaron - thanks. Microsoft makes front page and windows Live search - does that make them web related? sigh This means web programming language, analysis or tool based. I don’t know how more broad ones like ‘future of web apps’ types would work…)

  • I’d like it to be focused on open source (oracle fans, be damned!)

So - it’s pretty simple. Any suggestions?

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