Finally - PHP has NoIndex on phpinfo output

Jun 4, 2008 php security
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A big issue with PHP security had been the developers creating a php info page and not removing it from a production site. As you may know, phpinfo() will dump a ton of useful information (for the developer - as well as the cracker) to the screen:


I can’t imagine how many versions of that are out on various servers…

Actually, let’s take a look with this google query

More than a million returns (granted they’re not all phpinfo() calls… but it gives you a good idea…)

There is Hope

With the release of 5.2.1 of PHP, phpinfo() now outputs the following meta tag:

<meta content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW,NOARCHIVE" name="ROBOTS"></meta>

This will slowly but surely stop compliant robots (see: google, yahoo… not from archiving these… yes!

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