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Aug 9, 2008 programming
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One of the biggest pet peeves I have is when errors are generated on PHP files between redirects using the header() function. Especially if they’re not a fatal error, you never get to see them! Also, missing files that hit the apache logs usually are not found later until you review the logs as well. I thought: wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that would watch these log files for me? (yes, a while ago, I talked about the perl “tail” script that I used in my eclipse to watch these… but… this is even better). Well there is a solution! My first Adobe Air application: Log File Watcher!

This was my first attempt at using Adobe Air - and I’d have to say I like it. This application is very ugly - I didn’t really use any CSS or anything. I used JS and HTML - no action script (well besides AIR’s built in stuff…).

Basically, I found some examples online and pieced them all together - and it worked! So yay. (Also, a good portion of this was done while working at SuperDev - sooo… shhhh)

Anyway, when you first start out the application, you can choose 1 or more files for it to watch. Then, when you click to start the watching, the application minimizes to the tray. (at least in windows…). Then, it will generate a popup whenever there is a change in any of the files that you’re watching.

Yeh, not great, but it was a start.

I’ve attached the AIR application - and a zip with the source in it. If I find time later, I might come back and rewrite it to be 1) prettier and 2) more useful. hah!

Adobe Air Application: logfilewatcher.air

Adobe Air Source files:

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