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I just thought I’d drop some useful links and tools your way for those beginning and non-tool-cist peoples: Used for js/css/dom debugging - additionally, even Yahoo is building upon this. I’ve used this a lot for AJAX request debugging as well. Zend eclipse project - get the full package - this is a ton of PHP tools from Zend (the PHP company) built on top of Eclipse (for those Java tool lovers out there)

Aptana Useful for css/javascript editing in eclipse - or as a standalone

Mysql Gui Tools A nice gui browser for mysql - I know I know - us diehards - we shouldn’t need this - but it is still nice (you can also get plugins for eclipse to do the same thing with jdbc)

Pietty + Putty Pietty - a putty plugin - allows for true transparency of putty windows - amazingly cool - at first its in some oriental language - and when you first open it up - you can’t read the screen when you first ssh somewhere. Never fear: just go to the encoding menu option and choose utf-8 - otherwise works like a dream. SSH to your heart’s content.

Komodo If you don’t like Eclipse or the long time it takes to load, you can use Komodo. Plus, version 4 brings some lovely things to the table. Thats right, Lovely (and thats not cuz they gave me a shirt either…)

PHPDoc Phpdoc for windows - has a nice gui for using phpdoc - what we use for documentation because its easy to customize and launch. (I have been using an eclipse tool though lately that I wrote….)

That’s about it - if you know any other cool tools, post them in the comments!

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