Fixing update error in eclipse PDT

This post is more than 18 months old. Since technology changes too rapidly, this content may be out of date (but that's not always the case). Please remember to verify any technical or programming information with the current release.

The last time I downloaded Eclipse PDT for PHP, (located at, everything was great. That is, until I wanted to run the updates. It stopped with an error and would never update my PDT. Luckily, one of the consultants from (“the triangle”) had the same issues - and he was able to tell me what was up:

Every time I ran the update, I’d get a message saying “Network Connection problems encountered during search.” My other plugins/modules above this would update fine, but this one (and everyone below it) would stop. Turns out, it was the entry called zend.

When clicking on the zend item in the list of updates, the edit button becomes available. Changing the url from (because this is the old name, silly zend!) to solves the issue. Then, you will be able to get your PDT updates.

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