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Video post: Enterprise PHP through Design Patterns and Modularlization

I created this Udemy course a while ago – but unfortunately they said it was too short and the audio was too poor. In order to post the course, I’d need to add another 10 minutes of fluff and get a better microphone. I decided just to share with you.

So, exactly like I’d present at a conference, here is a screencast of this presentation!

Part 1

Download Slides

Part 2

Download Slides

Part 3

Download Slides

Part 4

Download Slides

Part 5

Download Slides

Part 6

Download Slides

Part 7

Download Slides

Download sourcecode.zip

Thanks for watching! Make sure to check out My Slideshare for more (without audio) of my presentations too!

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One Response to Video post: Enterprise PHP through Design Patterns and Modularlization

  1. Bobby R says:

    I recently decided to stop hating on PHP and dig into it a little bit. It’s not really as bad as I thought it was…

    Anyway, these videos are great, thanks a lot for sharing.


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