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Convert from VMWare Player to VMWare Server

Hey there - this is an older post. If it is a technical post, the information may not be relevant anymore. Remember to check your version numbers!

At superdev, we have a distribution of a gentoo image made with vmware workstation. This works fine in vmware player – but not the free vmware server – and I wanted to have vmware server running so I could have more than one server running on my windows laptop. Well, there are two small simple edits I had to do – and it was all good.

First of all, I grabbed my favorite free hex editor and evilly smiled. Open XVI32.

Second, edit the file named VirtualMachineName.vmx. Replace the virtualHW.version = “6” with virtualHW.version = “4”. SAVE.

Finally, edit the file named VirtualMachineName.vmxd. If you have more than one (like -1, -2, use the one without the suffix. Those are the data files, the vmxd is the config). Once again, replace the virtualHW.version = “6” with virtualHW.version = “4”. SAVE.

Other things I ran into…
For whatever reason, my eth0 turned into eth1 once I transferred. So I had to do that modification. (Also, my dhcp on my network stopped responding to the vm, but I changed it to NAT anyway – because I wanted it as a local connection anyways.)

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